Friday, September 14, 2018


Hey folks! Exciting news, my new single ‘Satellite’ is out now! Listen to it here: The track is about being held in limbo by someone, with them simultaneously not allowing you to get too close or too far away. After working with Josh Harris on the video for ‘Love Is Blind’, he came up with a beautifully simple concept for the ‘Satellite’ clip that somehow pushes the world of the song right to the edge of the real and imagined, which you can view below!

I’m also proud to announce that after a bit of a stint away from releases, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I’ve also got a new EP coming out on Fri 26 Oct which is available now for pre-order here: It’s called ‘Chasing Gold’ and is a record made of equal parts catharsis, nostalgia and hope. There’s a loose theme running through the record that looks at us humans and the way we love and to me it kinda feels like flipping through an old box of memories whilst moving to a new place.

The body of the record came from a single writing trip I did in Europe while touring, and I had lined up some cowriting sessions while I was over there. It’s not something I’ve done a lot of for my own stuff, but this time around with someone else in the room I felt like I was able to tell some personal stories I didn’t quite have access to on my own. I’m really proud of these songs, I feel like they’re some of the best things I’ve written that sum up some really powerful moments in my life.

I hope you enjoy, share, sit, travel, or sleep with this record. Fall apart or be put back together with them by your side. Whatever place my music finds in your life, I’d just like to say thanks for listening.

Friday, August 3, 2018


Earlier this year I released ‘All Your Love’, a collaboration with the electronic duo Flight Facilities. The track was was worked up over a few months as we carefully crafted the sweet spot between our worlds of songwriting and electronic journeys. During the process, I was at home one evening and was playing around with some guitar parts, and started singing the verse over the top of them.

The combination was really striking and for some reason seemed to tell a different side of the story to the original version of the track, so I followed the tangent and came up with this stripped back more acoustic version. ✨🦋

I like how they sit side by side now; the same song, but occupying totally different worlds. I hope you enjoy my new single, buy / stream it here.

Dustin x

Friday, June 15, 2018

New single ‘Love Is Blind’ out now

My new single ‘Love Is Blind’ is out today!  I wrote this one a while back where it sat forgotten on my phone until I was going through some old voice memos and came across it. It’s a light hearted look at the lessons people can teach us through love, and embracing the fact that at the end of the day we don’t really have a lot of control over most of our lives  Get it here:

Also special thanks to Xavier Dunn for writing the track with me, Josh Harris and team for directing the clip, and NEUW DenimVegan StyleAlpha 60 and Cinori for the outfits on the day. 


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